Elevate Your Vision with Our Specialized ‘VIEW’ Imaging Services

In a world where visual storytelling is paramount, Behind The Lens Media stands as a beacon of innovation, providing cutting-edge imaging services tailored for diverse sectors.

Our mission is to transform your ideas into captivating visuals that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Behind The lens Media have created 4 product services that offer specialist corporate and commercial media services to the property, event, construction and education sectors

Take a look at out VIEW RANGE…

Construction VIEW

Building Beyond Boundaries

In the dynamic realm of construction, precision and documentation are critical. Construction View can offer specialized photography, film, virtual tours, and aerial imagery services that capture every stage of your project. From groundbreaking moments to the final touches, our visuals ensure that your construction journey is impeccably documented and showcases the excellence of your work. Take a look at our construction media services and portfolio.

Event VIEW

Immortalize Moments, Create Memories

For the events industry, every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Behind The lens Media’s dedicated ‘Event View’ services is dedicated to capturing the essence of your events with stunning photography, dynamic film production, and breathtaking aerial imagery. Let us turn your events into timeless stories that resonate long after the final curtain falls.

Property VIEW

Unveil the Beauty of Real Estate

In the world of property, presentation is everything. Our ‘Property View’ product offering brings a unique blend of creativity and technology to highlight the beauty of property. Our photography, film, virtual tours, and aerial imagery services showcase property in the best way possible detail to get property to stand out from the crowd within real estate, tourism and the corporate world.


Inspiring Visualisation of Education Facilities

We understand the importance of visually engaging content in the education sector. Our specialised services in photography, film, virtual tours, aerial imagery, prospectus design and bilingual (English / Welsh) contribute to inspiring and captivating content within the education sector.

“Tim just gets on with it – totally professional , great quality with regards to the photographs and most of all he is personal, approachable, relaxed and great with my clients … that’s why I book him event after event !”

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