Complete walkthrough matterport 3D Tours for house sales and rentals

Sell or rent your property faster with a complete Matterport 3D Tour and stunning aerial photographs.

Matterport 3D Tour

Using our brand new Matterport 3D scanner, we can bring properties to life with immersive experiences that engage and increase sales.
Matterport’s award-winning 3D virtual tours create an immersive, realistic digital experience to view any type of space like never before. Available live for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC, tablet or mobile phone.

From just one site visit we can scan your property or space and provide you with:

  • 3D virtual walkthrough tour with automated video guided tour
    • Tag spaces with information and embed other media into the tour
    • 2D prints in 4k resolution
    • 360 panoramas
    • Floor plans
    • Measure areas
    • Embed codes for your website
    • Facility to publish on Google Street View
    • Facility to view with VR goggles

Aerial Imagery & Matterport

Showcase your property and its surrounding areas from a unique perspective with a combination of Matterport 3D Images and 360 Aerial Imagery.

Draw attention to elements such as large gardens, landscaping or even outdoor amenities and pools within the grounds. See here for more details on the uses of our drone photography and how they can help you really sell your property.


View this link to see an example of a Matterport tour with the use of aerial 360 hotspots

Internal and External Photos

We’ll also take internal and external photographs of your property, ensuring that your customers are motivated by great-looking, eye-catching images.

Our internal photos are great for showcasing details you want to stand out and present to the customer.

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Commercial Spaces

Matterport Tour Photos

The Main Benefits


Allow potential buyers to virtually view listed properties at any time.

Virtual tours filter timewasters leading to genuinely interested and engaged buyers to then personally view.

Give your property the best presence on the internet, on social media portals and via email shots. Impress your audience through smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops.

With one visit and one cost from one camera, we will produce a suite of photographs, create a Matterport 3D virtual tour, generate floor plans and measurements and build a 3D ‘dolls house’ of the property.

Showcase your property using elaborate, innovative and engaging new technology – stand out, be different and get noticed.

Reduce costs and increase quality using the latest technology on the market. The property market is changing – be one step ahead of your competitors



Behind the Lens Media can also offer other 360 and 3D solutions to suit your needs. We can also combine the Matterport 3D service with our conventional photography services, aerial imagery and video production to create an affordable ‘under one roof’ solution. Using one company for all of your media needs will save you on cost and you will have one company project managing your media needs. Call us today for a bespoke quote!

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