Giraffe 360 Virtual Space Technology, new from Behind the Lens Media

We are proud to be the only independent Giraffe 360 specialist based in South and West Wales for this new and exciting virtual walkthrough technology. Giraffe 360 is a pioneering new state-of-the-art camera that is designed to offer a complete service, offering 4 services in one short visit to a property.

This camera is very popular with estate agencies as it provides a virtual tour, high-quality photography, floor plans as well as a remote viewing facility: all of this and at a low cost, too!


Let’s have a look at the things this all-in-one solution camera can offer:

Giraffe 360’ virtual walkthrough tours with interactive floor plan navigation.

Walk through the property or space with high-quality 270-megapixel quality. Built-in sensors and lasers create an immersive virtual walkthrough tour that will show off any type of property, tourism space or other commercial space, creating an interactive and engaging experience. Whilst virtually moving around the property you have the option to view and navigate where you are with an interactive floor plan.


Links to some of our tours:

High-quality Photographs

The Giraffe 360 camera can automatically photograph wide, high-quality 50-megapixel resolution images. The quality of such fantastic technology means that its photographs can be used immediately; from web-ready site visuals to large scale print and even billboards.

Floor Plans

Floor plans can be generated using the Giraffe 360 camera’s in-built lidar technology and photogrammetry. These floor plans create accurate and precise measurements with labelled spaces, numeric sizing and floor space calculations and colour coded areas.


NEW SERVICE – Remote Viewing with your clients

In this time of economic volatility and uncertainty and government restrictions where people are not allowed to leave their homes unless it’s essential, showing off property, venues and spaces has become extremely challenging.


We know that keeping your business practices moving forwards with viewings, visibility and engagement are vital so we have the answer to this new and unique problem.  Giraffe 360 Virtual Tours have the option for remote viewings of properties and venues. This is a new and innovative way to keep any estate agency operating as usual while keeping everyone safe – clients don’t need to leave their houses!

Whereas the standard Giraffe 360 Virtual Tour offers clients the first-hand experience of the property from anywhere in high-resolution, we’ve been searching for a way to add the next level to our digital interaction. The reason for this is that some clients require additional experienced advice during the virtual viewing and which could convince a client to buy without actually having seen the property.  We call this ‘Remote Viewing’ which enables you to accompany your clients through their Virtual Tour in a video chat experience to add that personal, one-to-one, expert experience.



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