How to organise your virtual open house to boost your property sales

It’s been an eventful few weeks since the UK went into lockdown due to Coronavirus, and now many of us are facing a new reality where our health, personal lives and business development feel very uncertain. Government restrictions have meant that many businesses that rely on face-to-face interaction with clients have either had to close or entirely change tact. Estate agents and the property market have been hit hard without being allowed to conduct viewings with clients. With limiting interaction and social distancing measures in place, it has become extremely difficult for the property market to undertake its usual client-facing tours and pitches.

Thankfully, Behind the Lens Media are here to help with solutions that combat the restrictions while keeping everyone safe. We offer high-quality online virtual viewing platforms which help ensure that it’s ‘business as usual’ and viewings still can take place.
These innovative 2D and 360 immersive tour solutions can allow a virtual open house, allowing you to walk through any property without requiring your prospective clients to leave their houses.

In worrying times for the property market, we can help with our virtual open house solutions

Even after lockdown comes to an end and as restrictions begin to lift across the UK, a lot of potential customers might prefer to see a property online first via a virtual open house before deciding to show up for a visit in person. It’s important to consider that in the new world that we face after our quarantine period, it will take us all a while to adjust to being in each other’s company, and it’s in every property business’ interest to be sensitive to this when approaching its clients’ needs and requirements.

The technology to effectively present real estate properties on the web already exists, however, this is now a good time to explore it further and make a virtual open house a part of your sales process. 360 Virtual Tours and 3D walkthrough tours are uniquely suited to showcase a piece of commercial or residential real estate. They allow the viewer to get a great sense of the space and layout of the property while enjoying a realistic virtual open house experience.

Below is an example of a virtual open house that we have created.

Just click on the icons and instructions to navigate for a 360 and 3D virtual and fully immersive experience.

The guided virtual open house

Some clients like their hands held through what is a big decision and a lifechanging purchase, and of course the estate agent and property expert will want to expertly discuss all the amazing features of the house.

A guided virtual open house experience means to combine an interactive tour like the one above with video conferencing and screen sharing software like Zoom, for example. Using a combination of software in this way allows you to offer your clients a live, personalised guided tour of the property. It’s all virtual and online, but with the personal touch that your clients love!

It all starts with a virtual tour – you will need to contact to discuss how we can help you, and by using the 360 cameras, 3D scanners and intelligent software that we are best known for, we can create these bespoke tours for you. Our virtual tours offer an intuitive and easy-to-use virtual tour editor that you can easily access in your web browser.
Once you have a 360 virtual tour of your property ready, what you need to do is organize a video conference, open the virtual tour share your screen with the audience: your virtual open house can now begin!

Recommended software for your virtual open house

Zoom is our recommended solution for your virtual open house. It’s a popular video conferencing platform which allows you to easily schedule meetings and share meeting links with all of your clients either via email or text messaging.  Zoom is free, too, if you’re on the video call for less than 40 minutes and you invite up to 100 people. Here’s a guide on how to schedule a meeting on Zoom.

To share your screen with your client, click the Share Screen button located on the control panel at the bottom of the Zoom call (it’s a small green button with an arrow).

Choose which screen to share, or alternatively choose which application to share, such as your iPad or whiteboard. Once you’ve selected which option to share, click the blue Share button and your client will be able to see what you see – your presentation, paperwork or plans for your virtual open house are now accessible to your clients while you talk them through together and secure that sale or future viewing.

Virtual open house is the new way to operate

Showing a guided tour of the property to your audience during an online conference call not only gives them a great feel of what the property looks like but also allows for real-time interactions. You can guide them around the place during your virtual open house, showcasing its best aspects, while the public can ask questions and clarify crucial details which cannot be explained with images only. After the virtual open house is over, you can share a link to the tour so that your clients can walk around and explore on their own.

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