7 useful tips to help showcase your home for sale or rental

showcase your home

If you’re looking for a photographer to help showcase your home to the best standard possible for its sale or rental, then calling in the experts is a great idea.  If you want to get the best out of your property photography, then paying for the services of photography specialists such as Behind the Lens Media really is worth every penny.  But there are also many things which you can do in order to help get the best out of that invaluable photo shoot.  To help you be prepared for the perfect pictures, here are 7 useful tips to help showcase your home to the maximum!

  1. Move out

OK, we don’t literally mean pack up and leave, but the first thing we’d like to emphasise is the importance of allowing your photographer space in order to get those eye-catching shots.  While your cat sunning itself on the windowsill or your children playing in the garden make for lovely lifestyle shots, if your potential home buyer isn’t a cat fan then you could be putting people off.  No renter wants to think about the potential of having to clean pet hair before they move in. For older buyers, pictures with children may convince them that this is only an area suitable for young families.  Minimise potential problems to showcase your home and keep the coast clear!

  1. Pack up the Lego

Your house is your space, but for one afternoon only, you need to keep it as a blank canvas for the photographer to capture that space and allow the viewer to imagine it as their own.  If you have children and the multitude of entertainment they come with, then it’s probably best that the toys and bikes are put away.  While it’s lovely to know that kids are happily accommodated in your property, a renter or buyer who doesn’t have kids might not be able to visualise life in your space if it’s littered with lego.

showcase your home

  1. Hide your stuff

This is the one that we all find the trickiest.  While we’re on board with the idea that someone else needs to view this property as theirs, it’s difficult for your photographer to convey this sense of inspirational living if you’ve left your grandma’s wedding picture on the mantlepiece and the letter about your hospital appointment on the pinboard.  Removing personal items such as photos, magnets, notes, magazines and general clutter help to homogenise the house ready to showcase your home with aspirational sales shots.

  1. Make your bed in the morning

It’s a simple trick that allows the photographer maximum image creating, minimum fuss time.  Making all beds, fluffing pillows, aligning chairs, putting clothes away, straightening curtains and putting on lights allows for easily captured magazine-worthy shots to get you that sale or rental.

  1. Park elsewhere

Don’t forget that the outside aspect of your property is almost as important as the inside, and any barriers to its photography could mean that your photographer cannot showcase your home’s exterior in all its natural glory.  Try not to park outside your house for a few hours – maybe park at the local car park or ask a neighbour if you could temporarily take up their driveway.

  1. Get the mower out

Speaking of the importance of the great outdoors, what better way to showcase your home than to have a lovely, well-maintained garden for the photographer to capture?  Why not give the lawn a quick once over, and while you’re out there, try to hide the bins and garden tools in the shed…nobody ever bought a house based on the symmetry of the stacked recycling bin!

  1. Use time wisely

    In order to get the very best out of your time with your photographer, the tips above allow them to really focus on the detail and unique features that make your home the perfect sale or rental space.  But while these really help the photographer to showcase your home, the most important tip is to make sure that you allow them enough time to work their magic.  This is not a 10-minute appointment – in order to capture a standard house well, your photographer needs at least 2 hours of your time.  While we understand that everyone’s time is precious, allowing the photographer the time to really make your property stand out on the pages of your estate agents booklet or online advertisement really can mean the difference between a sale or rental or an empty property.

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