Tourism images pop up at us from computer screens and glossy magazines all the time.  If you’re the owner of a holiday home, a hotel or a holiday park, how do you outshine all the local competition?    You give us a call, of course!


At Behind the Lens Media, we have the skills and expertise to draw the eye of tourists towards your offering.  The idea isn’t to oversell; no fake props or overt image manipulation here.  We want to show your property in the best light whilst being realistic.  We want your customers to gasp at how lovely the property is when they step through the front door and also feel like they know their way around.

Our tourism images are taken to excite and inspire.  We want your customers to book your holiday or book a table at your restaurant because we’ve been able to capture the essence of what makes it special to be there.  No misrepresentation, just clear, beautiful, truthful photography.
Using a combination of cameras and drones, we work with agencies and individuals in Pembrokeshire and beyond to produce the highest quality tourism images and aerial photography to maximise your booking potential.

What’s included in your tourism images package.

It’s not just a few external and internal building shots that push people to call your booking line.  Whether we’re working for a small hotel or large holiday park, your guest requires the same information from your marketing materials: where will they stay, what are the facilities and amenities, and what is the area like.

To us, tourism images are about more than a cosy shot of the bed.  A real-life mixture of practical and aspirational imagery is what sells your venue to your customers.  It’s a combination of the beauty of your property as well as the unique sandy cove above which you’re perched.  We endeavour to produce images so appealing that your customers will already be able to imagine their fantastic holiday with you.


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