When you’re preparing a house for sale, is estate agent photography at the forefront of your mind?  Of course not, you’re too busy giving the place a lick of paint, mowing the lawn and generally sprucing the place up in preparation for viewings.  But with all that work and effort, are you really going to leave the all-important brochure and website pictures to an untrained photographer that will probably use a sub-standard digital camera, has no idea on composition and will use poor or inadequate lighting?  It’s not worth the risk – without decent estate agent photography, your time, money and efforts may well be wasted.

Don’t chance it by an untrained eye and sub standard results – with such a crowded market place you really do need your property to stand out on the Rightmove and Zoopla listings!.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so here is a gallery of some of our residential property photography that we have carried out for estate agents throughout Pembrokeshire, Wales and the UK.




We believe that the special features, intricate details and true potential of your property deserve time, attention and just the right equipment to make your property images pop out of the sales brochure.  The last thing anyone wants is for a prospective buyer to turn to a more inviting picture.

At Behind the Lens Media, we ensure that our high-quality estate agent photography means that you are the most inviting property on the page.

Although some estate agents include photography in their fees, working with professionals means that:

  • You’ll get the finest, most detailed interior and exterior shots
  • We choose all the best perspectives to maximise space and light
  • We build a solid estate agent photography portfolio for you, with each photo complimenting the next to give the potential buyer an impression of the property’s ambience.
  • Influencing light and colour persuades buyers to take notice and book that essential first viewing so that all your hard work can do the talking.
  • In today’s buyer’s market, you need to do all you can to stand out. Expertly shot estate agent photography from Behind the Lens Media can certainly help your property shine.
  • We can add on other property media formats (drone, video & 3D tours) to complement its high end property photography.


Behind The Lens Media are qualified and approved drone pilots (CAA number 3104) and can create photographs and video from the air to show off elevated imagery as well as wide aerial shots that show off proximity, size, surrounding areas and location of the property.

Drone photography is ideal for properties that need to draw attention to specific locations, surrounding areas, amenities, landscaping and large gardens.


Video is very popular and in a world of convenience and fast paced living, people like to engage into experiences in the most easiest way. Video and film production can cater for this and showcase a lot of information in a very short space of time. Video engagement is growing on social media and web platforms at a rapid pace so talk to us about showing off your property using short video films.


Tan-Y-Garn Holiday Cottage from Behind The Lens Media on Vimeo.


Upper Porth Mawr Farmhouse – Holiday Property Video from Behind The Lens Media on Vimeo.



As well as property photography, aerial imagery and video, we are pleased to be part of a compelling new technology that was initially engineered in the USA however we have brought to the UK.

Matterport 3D Tours can create a ‘virtual walkthrough’ on a PC or mobile device and can bring properties to life with immersive experiences that engage and increase sales. Its like being in the property!

A Matterport 3D showcase is unlike any other 360 tour you may have seen as it’s the most advanced and realistic way of viewing a property online.

Take a look at our examples below.



Don’t just take it from us.  We’re recommended by several estate agency firms in West Wales and beyond.  Here’s what one customer who had been recommended to us by their estate agent had to say:

Richard C, Property Sales Photography

Behind the Lens Media were personable, efficient and extremely professional.  The resulting photographs for the sale of my property were stunning, portraying the property in a bright, warm, positive light.  The interior shots were particularly well-lit, and care had been taken to include the interesting internal and external features of this ancient Pembrokeshire cottage.  I especially loved the drone shots, which effectively and dramatically placed the property in its coastal location which would not otherwise had been as easy to visually demonstrate.  The interest received upon release of the photos on social media was phenomenal and is testament to Behind the Lens Media’s excellent and professional estate agent photography.  I’d highly recommend this service to all.

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