A good photograph might catch your eye while flicking through a magazine or advert. Truly great photography can captivate your potential clients and get people through the door to view your business, products and services with ease. Unfortunately, a poor quality photo can actually do the complete opposite.

High-quality images are a fantastic way to supercharge the marketing of commercial properties, products and retail spaces. The importance of good lighting, the correct colour and editing can be the difference between a sale, a rental or a total washout.

We offer a myriad of media services that can boost your sales potential exponentially; photography, film, 3D Matterport virtual tours, 360 and aerial footage. Using the latest technology and up-to-date services, we can provide professional photography of products that make them pop from your website. Our virtual tours of the interior and exterior of commercial and corporate spaces hugely increases the likelihood of sale or rental; we can capture everything from warehouses, office buildings, retail spaces, venues, and all manner of spaces sought after by the hospitality sector.

Commercial property photography will provide you with superb images for use for your online marketing strategies and draw attention to your property on social media, as well as really stand out in your professional printed materials such as glossy brochures and magazine shots.

Whether we’re photographing a large store or the smallest product in that store, we like to capture every detail with the right light, the enticing angle the best colours possible with a sensitivity to the depth of field. Although we like to edit the images for the best final photograph we can present, we’re also aware that what’s represented needs to be real, raw and to meet your buyers’ expectations. Misrepresentation can be fatal to your business’ reputation, which is why Behind the Lens Media’s style is sensitive and adaptable to capture the exact image you want to portray.


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