The benefits of using a professional photographer for property, corporate and events media

In an age where everyone and their Grandma has a mobile phone with a camera and platforms like Instagram are allowing us to capture moments instantaneously, casual photography has become everyone’s game.  If you’re a professional body, however, it’s important that you still make use of a professional photographer for your business requirements.  Sure, Linda from the office can snap a pretty good picture on her iPhone 10, but as the saying goes, pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys.  For your property, event or corporate photography to be at its most effective and demonstrative best, a professional photographer should be your first call; here’s why.

Property Photography

At Behind the Lens Media, we’ve photographed hundreds of properties on behalf of estate agents and letting agents.  Property photography is one of our most requested services because this industry understands that imagery sells properties.  A short description will give salient details, but it’s the images which will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that property.  Bright, glossy aspirational pictures and aerial photography to showcase the surrounding area is integral to property photography and something only a professional photographer can offer.  Long gone are the days of estate agents snapping a few shots of the property for a printed brochure.  Now, the services of professional bodies such as Behind the Lens Media are required to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s not only photography that we have in our property media toolkit.  Our 3D Walkthrough tours have been integral to house sales and holiday lets, allowing the tourism industry to literally come to life on the screens and mobiles of potential holidaymakers.  Our recent Matterport tour of The Buzzards, a wonderful luxury treehouse in East Sussex, has allowed their potential customers to understand the layout for practical reasons, as well as showcasing the quality of the finish of the property, its luxurious interiors as well as letting the imagination run wild at the thought of laying in the gorgeous copper roll-top bath.  This property’s rental success is greatly boosted by the 3D tour and its ability to really bring this stunning treehouse to life!

Using a professional photographer can also improve your online presence if you hire a Google 360 trusted photographer.  This means that a professional photographer comes to capture your business, allowing potential customers to step through the digital door of your business via the Google listings.  The 360 virtual tours of your business are then added to your business’s Google listings and maps, increasing your visibility on the search engines.  Get a quote from Behind the Lens Media for this exclusive service here.

Corporate Photography

We’ve all seen good and bad product photography (yes, you know, terrible pictures of dodgy looking burgers on large menu boards in kebab houses nationwide).  Good product photography can really make your unique offering pop out of the pages of the magazine or stop you from scrolling through social media. Unfortunately, unprofessional, bad product photography can do precisely the opposite.

A professional photographer will know all the right angles, best lighting and applied techniques to make your photo become more than the sum of its parts.  From simple product shots to lifestyle images, product packaging and action shots of your production processes, a professional photographer can turn otherwise bland and static pictures into charismatic, compelling imagery.

A professional media company can also provide sharp, comprehensive promotional videos – something which is essential to all business digital marketing nowadays.  With viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch it in a video versus 10% of the information sticking with a client when reading text, expertly crafted and edited corporate video is something a professional photographer can create that will increase your sales potential and business reputation exponentially.

A key difference between using in-house, amateur photography and hiring a professional photographer for your corporate material is the risk of misrepresentation.  While taking glossy Instagram shots with an iPhone may well “make do”, don’t forget that you as a company are not always taking pictures that represent your clients’ use of your product or service.  Our pictures, while taken sensitively and with a depth of field, are also taken with your clients in mind. They are real and raw, and the goal is to always represent your offerings in a way which is relatable to your clients’ usage.  Misrepresentation can ruin a sales potential, something a professional photographer is duly aware of and guards against.

Event Photography

While marketers will always encourage you to live stream your event on social media, whether it’s a sport match that you sponsor or a corporate dinner that you’re holding, you also don’t want to spend the entirety of the occasion trying to run around snapping pictures.  A professional photographer is essential to any event, and at Behind the Lens Media, we are repeatedly successful at discreetly capturing every moment; from the staged shots of the team for press material to the unexpected moment of joy or celebration which is forever represented by executive photographs. 

We’re experts at capturing that converted kick, the horse crossing the finishing line, the last note of the gig and the punchline of the speech. Using a professional photographer means that you can get on with the job of hosting your event efficiently, while your photographer captures each stage of the event subtly and meticulously.  You can be the host with the most while we represent your success!

Ultimately, paying for professional help boils down to one simple fact: if you want the job done well, you need to find someone who specialises in that job.  Hiring a professional photographer means that you’ll get professional, sharp, captivating and persuasive media for your company.  Your business reputation rests on your professionalism, and a professional photographer can provide that level of service on your behalf.

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