No-nonsense, professional product photography from the specialists at Behind the Lens Media.

From simple studio styled product photography shots to stunning product action pictures of your offerings in action, well-captured images of your company’s products are valuable and essential.  We work with a range of different industries to beautifully display their products, including food vendors, restaurants, beverage companies, mechanical parts, flower arrangement sellers and much more.  Whether it’s mouth-watering photos of gorgeous chocolates such as those we captured for Dilly’s Chocolates, the self-catering accommodation sales shoot we did for Celtic Holiday Parks, or the award-winning Frio products which keep medical supplies such as insulin cool and safe, we cover a diverse range of products with a consistent level of competency and a little sprinkle of panache.

The right lighting, angle and positioning of your product can mean the difference between a picture that pops or a product that flops.  Thankfully, at Behind the Lens Media, we have an eye for that kind of thing.  There’s no over-development or photoshop funny business here; we know how to capture your product and make it jump off the magazine or web page all by itself.

Product photography is a crucial element to all mediums of your product’s marketing which is why at Behind the Lens Media, we know how to show off each angle of your product to support your brand’s professionalism and boost your sales potential.

It’s not all about glitzy lighting, though; more often than not, good product photography demonstrates the size, function and feasibility of a product, all of which are essential pieces of information for prospective buyers.  Our realistic product photography not only highlights how fantastic your commodity is but matches your clients’ expectations when they receive their purchase, too.

No-nonsense, professional product photography from the specialists at Behind the Lens Media.

Companies we’ve recently worked with for their stunning product photography include:

Chapel Chocolates

Mickey Gin

Totally Welsh

Prendergast Butchers

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