Professional video production for weddings, events and more

Whether you need video content for marketing purposes, event promotion or capturing a celebration on film to share with loved ones, Behind the Lens Media’s video production team can immortalise your moment professionally and discreetly.
This is not the stuff of home videos.  Our professional team use a variety of shooting styles and techniques to capture exactly the right tone and message of your video.

Types of video services on offer

Our wedding video production allows us to capture part of the day the bride and groom might miss and is custom made for the happy couple and their immediate family and friends.

Event video production is a popular service that we offer.  Using video footage of annual shows or attractions at the height of the season can mean a greater visitor turn-out for the next year.  It’s an opportunity to make those who did not attend feel included in the fun and show them they need to buy tickets so that they don’t miss the event next year!

Corporate video production can be very useful for the same reasons; a really well-shot, visually engaging product video can be the difference between breaking even and commercial success.

A 2-3-minute promotional video can explain a product, introduce a company and its services and be used on social media for brand awareness and audience reach.

With viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it as text (Insivia, 2019) then sharp, comprehensive video production is key to your sales and marketing efforts.

Discreet video production

Whatever it is that you need our videography services for, we can guarantee that our team will work with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.  You’ll barely know we were there until you see your fantastic video!


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