The internet and social media have revolutionised the way in which businesses communicate with their audiences and corporate video and corporate photography are now at the forefront of that revolution.


As the majority of customers and potential customers are using the internet and social media, corporate videos and professional photography are the best ways to convey your messages and concepts quickly and effectively. To put it simply, if your business isn’t using corporate photography and professionally shot videos for promotion, you’re missing out on the fastest way of engaging with your customers.

The benefits of professional commercial videos:

They get more traffic

Videos account for roughly 75% of all internet traffic, and more traffic means more business awareness and more potential sales for your business.  We think that’s worth the investment.


Get ahead of your competitors

Google now allows videos to rank in search results, meaning that if you have a professionally shot video that’s interesting and informative, you’ll pop up above your competition on Google.


It reaches a new audience

The number of videos being watched on a mobile has increased by roughly 400% over the last 2 years.  For you and your business, this means that you’re able to reach potential clients on the fastest growing technological channel, converting “potential” clients into “Yes” clients!


What our Corporate photography services will do for you:


Promoting A Business

Photographs of your premises, staff, events and branding can all be used to elevate your business promotion. Including corporate photography in your marketing material is a great way of creating brand awareness and visually demonstrating the benefits of your unique business to existing and potential customers.


Selling A Product

For any business selling products, crystal clear, sharp product images are essential. Potential customers are able to see your product and decide that it’s suitable for them. Clear, high-quality images with the correct lighting are key to maximising your chances of a purchase.


Advertising A Service

Showcasing the work you can provide is great for enticing potential customers to choose you over a competitor. Whether you’re a carpenter or tree surgeon, corporate photography showing your quality of work lets your customers know the standards they can expect from you.





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