As one of the leading qualified operators of drones for aerial photography in Wales, Behind the Lens Media can provide breath-taking photos and high-definition videos for a variety of projects.
Although drones have existed since around 1849, when Austria sent unmanned, bomb-filled balloons to attack Venice, their use in the fields of photography and videography is relatively new and currently on the rise.

This effective business tool allows for innovative development in the photography business, meaning that when it comes to planning your photo shoot, the sky is no longer the limit!  Drone use for aerial photography allows for more creative, imaginative photo shoots.  We can literally look at your project from completely new angles.

Successful uses for drone-operated photography

  • Wedding location footage as part of our Wedding Photography, Filming and Aerial Imagery package.
  • Promotional videos of events for video marketing purposes and event promotion. Drones capture those all-important action shots, so take that race, match, gig or launch footage to new heights!
  • Tourism videos and photography to showcase the location of your holiday property, restaurant, hotel, holiday park or attraction.
  • Property marketing takes advantage of a bird’s eye view to capture the attention of home buyers and drive sales.
  • The construction industry deploys drone technology to capture images to create real-time visual mapping and topographical surveys.

Our drones can propel your photography and videography of your venture to amazing new heights, making the possibilities for aerial photography almost endless.

Professional aerial photography from Behind the Lens Media

We are not just drone hobbyists; Tim Hughes is a professional drone pilot with Permission for Commercial Operation qualification.  We transform old-fashioned photography and give you a fantastic new perspective.  Behind the Lens Media’s aerial photography offers you the sharpest, most visually pleasing aerial photography in Wales.


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