How Matterport 3D technology is helping businesses through a pandemic and into a new virtual age

Matterport 3D virtual tour technology is not new – at Behind the Lens Media, we’ve been using this top-level industry 3D technology for quite some time and have praised its innovative, forward-thinking use in previous blogs.  For us as property photographers, this is the type of technology we see as being imperative in present-day business dealings.  When Coronavirus hit back in March 2020, we were the first to see many businesses struggle to keep open as our connected, face to face world was shut down.  But Matterport 3D technology was able to help us and our clients to keep our businesses going, even during the tightest restrictions.  So why do we think every business could benefit from engaging with 3D technology?  Read on to find out how Matterport could ensure the future of your business.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system that can be used to capture virtual imagery of every angle of your location, creating a 3D rendering of your space and allowing your clients to have a fully immersive experience of your business.

How we use Matterport technology.

As your local, flexible professional photographers, we have found Matterport to be the best solution for many of our clients’ needs; we see it as an invaluable sales tool for estate agents, rental agencies, construction services, architectural surveyors, showrooms, retail spaces and activity locations[TH3] .  Using 3D technology up until this year was all about ensuring interested customers would show up to see your property, business or service having engaged with the 3D versions beforehand and be a step closer to a sale by the time they stepped through your front door.

What a Matterport tour would look like on your sales or rental agency website

You can read more about our everyday dealings with up-to-date technology here.

Why Matterport is more important for your business than ever.

The pandemic and its devastating effect on business and the economy have made immersive technology more than just a flashy sales tool.  In an environment where things have foreseeably changed and buying and selling behaviours have had to adapt quickly, Matterport technology has easily picked up where the usual face-to-face business has been forced to stop. 

Can’t show clients around your properties for sale due to regulations?  Matterport can exactly replicate a viewing using 3D tour technology.  Want to show clients your new stock in the salesroom but can’t responsibly socially distance?  Matterport can help you to zone in on certain products, whether it’s a large car or a small Christmas gift, and allows you to display your item in high-quality three-dimensional detail.  Want to give your customers the immersive feel of walking around your shop?  Matterport technology allows you to showcase your external and internal retail product displays and then to click on links to products and services, sending them to the target website for a sale or more information.  It can even show your customers around hotel rooms before they book, around venues to pre-book for post-pandemic events, and let people into places that are currently closed off for their safety – Matterport is the open door to let your business carry on safely, responsibly and show that you’re taking advantage of every technological solution to aid your customers in every way that you can.

How Matterport is already helping our clients to keep doing what they do best

James Skudder not only uses Matterport technology as an integral part of his business infrastructure but in 2020, mid-pandemic, it allowed him to successfully launch his realty business, The Country Living Group, harnessing the advantages of using this progressive technology, as many of our clients do.

“Matterport technology has been vital to my emergent business.  As a new company with an established reputation in estate agency, launching in 2020 with the restrictions the pandemic forced upon businesses meant that 3D tours allowed us to still be able to offer our clients the high-quality customer service realty services they expected from our exclusive, executive portfolio.  With the assistance of Matterport technology, not only has our brand and customer base increased month on month, but our fledgling business is thriving as we’ve successfully managed to navigate the changes to in-person services using the latest technology”.

To find out how Matterport could change the face of your business, give us a call today and we can tailor our no-obligation quote and services to fit your requirements during this difficult time.

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