A lot of photographers shy away from sports video and photography because it takes a quick-witted photographer to capture the perfect action shots.  At Behind the Lens Media, we love being in the thick of the action, and we’re not averse to braving the weather to get the perfect shot of that jump, try or goal.  Sports video and photography can be a fast-paced industry, but in order to catch an adrenaline-fuelled moment, we put in all of our energy to chase that moment.


In order to film that sports video for the big match for your team or capture that kickflip close up on your board, we make sure that we know the exact positions and angles for each individual sport.  Due to the fact that most sporting events are rapid and unpredictable, we use a combination of techniques and perspectives to capture that money shot.

Types of sporting events that we cover:

  • Action sports such as triathlons, mud runs, marathons, fun runs, swimming and cycling
  • Golf
  • Horse racing
  • Stunt sports such as skateboarding and scooter competitions
  • Motorsports
  • Team sports such as football games and rugby matches

This list is not exhaustive. We’re happy to produce sports video footage and sports photography for any sport.

We even capture behind the scenes footage if required to give a quieter, more intimate portrayal of the event or particular sport.  It’s not all about sequential action shots, sometimes the most valuable moments are the still ones; the fly-half before he kicks the conversion, every bead of sweat, frown line and internal calculation captured as he judges that all-important leg movement.

Your sports video can be used as promotional material to drum up support, attract attendees to matches or fundraises or simply to capture a particular sportsperson at their very best.  Sports photography can help capture the successes and be used for online promotion or be sent to press.  Whatever your reasons for capturing the event, Behind the Lens Media can capture stunning team, player and action shots for wherever you need them.


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